...a clear, versatile and Virtuoso soprano voice with an extremely secure top range...

...Crystal clear, effortless and sparkling singing filled with joy and melancholy...intense acting...

...breathtaking, stratospheric coloratura … a Round, warm, golden-voiced soprano combined with differentiated expression and vitality...

Winter Concert - Musikwelten, Kulturstiftung Hohenlohe, Öhringen, Germany


"Gerber sang Susanna's Rose Aria from Mozarts 'Le Nozze di Figaro' Gerber intimately and heartily, especially during the tender moments ... Marelize Gerber presented the Aria of the Countess of Zedlau - "Grüß Dich Gott du liebes Nesterl" from Johann Strauss' Operetta 'Wiener Blut'  with vocal charm and a successful leap into high vocal ranges. As Princess Anna Elisa in Franz Lehár's Operetta 'Paganini', she captivated the audience with gentle tones, but also with great gestures."

Ralf Snurawa, Hohenlohe Nachbarschaft, 26 January 2023



Lucinda - Moro per amore - A Stradella, donauFESTWOCHEN, OÖ


"Marelize Gerber, a passionate interpreter of early music, who stepped in on short notice before the premiere, shines in the role of the desperate Lucinda."

Michaela Primessnig, Tips Perg, August, 32/2022


"Jumping in on short notice Marelize Gerber skilfully found her way in the melancholic role of Lucinda."

Michael Wruss, Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 8 August 2022


"Marelize Gerber (who jumped in as Lucinda) makes the audience symphatize with her expressive despair."

Rainer Elstner, Wiener Zeitung, 9 August 2022


"A collective word of praise for the soloists ... Everyone was equally involved with passion, skill and joy to add to the  success of this opera performance."

Kurt Lettner, Volksblatt, 8 August 2022



Pauline - Die Verwechslung - TC Desi, wien modern / Opera Festival - 'Die Verbesserung der Welt, Vienna, Austria


"At the other end of the emotional spectrum, Marelize Gerber with a seraphic soprano voice is the compassionate and decisive nurse with selfless actions who saved someone else's life risking her own."

Karel Masek, Der neue Merker, 2 February 2021


"In a barely singable high range Marelize Gerber fascinates as an angelic and saving nurse."

Helmut Christian Mayer, Opera Online, 21 January 2021


"Marelize Gerber as a sensitive nurse..."


Dominik Troger, Oper in Wien, 13 January 2021



Atalanta - Atalanta - GF Händel, Händel Festspiele Halle, Germany


"The predominantly young cast sounded wonderfully fresh and engaging. Marelize Gerber sang Atalanta with clear, well-supported tone well matched with Amelie Müller as Meleagro."

Sandra Bowdler, Opera (Vol. 70 Nr. 11), November 2019


"The five soloists have remarkable interpretative abilities. Marelize Gerber (Soprano) as Atalanta-Amarilli, has a clear and elegant voice with beautiful phrasing."

Pina Giacomazzi, Belcanto e Dintorni, 14 June 2019


"From a musical point of view the L'Orfeo Barockorchester under the baton of Michi Gaigg and among the soloists the soprano Marelize Gerber left the strongest impression with the audience."

Joachim Lang, nmz online & Mitteldeutsche Zeitung 10 June 2019



Cappella & Chorus Musica Sacra Krems - Ode for St. Cecilia's Day HWV 76 by GF Händel, Krems, Lower-Austria


"Musically an extraordinary experience...soloists Marelize Gerber and Daniel Johannsen favoured by the audience."

Martin Kalchhauser, Niederösterreichische Nachrichten NÖN, 30 September 2018



ensemble barock, Works by GF Handel, GP Telemann, Lower-Austria


"Soprano, Marelize Gerber knew how to apply her warm full timbred voice and polished singing technique, in the arias "Piangeró" from the opera "Julius Caesar" by Georg Friedrich Handel, and the aria from the cantata "Machet die Tore weit" by Georg Philipp Telemann to bring out all emotional content."

Helmut Seufert, Niederösterreichische Nachrichten NÖN, 7 November 2017



Le mariage de Magdalena de Tornos et du comte Jean D'Haussonville à Vienne - Laudate Dominum - WA Mozart, Vienna, Austria


"Coloratura soprano, Marelize Gerber captivated the audience with her celestial voice performing Mozart's Laudate Dominum."

Pauline Sommelet, Point de Vue, 6 September 2017



St. Matthew Passion - JS Bach, musica sacra, Linz, Upper-Austria


"An excellent rendition of the St.Matthew Passion in the Martin-Luther Church in Linz...An outstanding team of soloists."

Balduin Sulzer, Die Krone, 27 March, 2017


"An extraordinary St.Matthew Passion...Marelize Gerber (Soprano) and Gerda Liscka (Alt)...fulminant, brilliant..."

Paul Stepanek, Neues Volksblatt, 27 March 2017


"Different musical forces came together for this sacred music event...the six soloists complemented this monumental performance."

OÖ Nachrichten Mobile, 27 March 2017



Christmas Oratorio - JH Rolle, musica sacra,Linz, OÖ


"A first class musica-sacra concert...under Wolfgang Kreuzhuber's baton...Marelize Gerber, Martha Hirschmann, Markus Miesenberger and Günter Haumer made a wonderful soloist's quartet. The audience was notably satisfied responding with long-lasting applause."

Balduin Sulzer, Die Krone, December 2016



Dryante - Der geliebte Adonis - R Keiser, donauFESTWOCHEN, OÖ


"This 'Adonis' is an Event...the seven soloists ignite a lustful, beautiful festivity for singers...Marelize Gerber as Dryante is fearless in her high notes."

Norbert Tragwöger, Die Krone, 8 August, 2016


"Ideal possibilities for Marelize Gerber to display her vocal skills with her fluent virtuoso coloratura in outbreaks of jealousy as Dryante."

Horst Reischenböck, www.drehpunktkultur.at, 9 August 2016


"The 'austrian Première in current time' impressed especially in a musical way: all roles were casted clearly and strongly".

Michael Wurmitzer, Der Standard, 8 August 2016


"Marelize Gerber impressed as a torn between love and revenge Dryante."

Michael Wruss, OÖ Nachrichten, 8 August 2016


"Marelize Gerber, Maria Weber, Anna Willerding, Maria Weiss, Markus Miesenberger, Ulrich Cordes as well as Michael Wagner...impressed the audience with their superb voices."

BezirksRundschau, 12 August 2016


"The cast of soloists...on a highly professional standard...experienced theatre artists...acting-wise admirable.... clearly articulated the text by Christian Heinrich Postel."

Georgina Szeless, Neues Volksblatt, 9 August 2016 



Warsaw Baroque Opera Festival Dramma per musica 2015, Hébé, Fatime - Les Indes Galantes - JP Rameau, Warsaw, Poland


"...I also have to praise the soloists, especially the female voices - superbly sung by Marelize Gerber, Cécile Achille and Natalia Kawałek."

Iwona Ramotowska, dolce tormento, 12 September 2015



Between heaven and earth - Baroque Gala Concert, Olecko & Gołdap, Poland


"The excellent austrian soprano, Marelize Gerber shared the stage with Capella Imperialis, a baroque orchestra comprising international specialists in early music. Sopranos like Mrs. Gerber are rarely heard in this part of the world. The audiences in Olecko and Gołdap could imagine for one moment what concerts in the famous concert halls of the world like the Vienna Musikverein must sound like."

Iwona Danilewicz, Niebywałe Suwałki, 27 July 2015



Resonanzen 2015 - Fürstenspiegel, Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria


"Marelize Gerber sang the soprano arias with a good sense of style, a solid technique and a very personal timbre."

Elena Habermann, Der Neue Merker, 20 January 2015 


Sivene - Le Cinesi - CW Gluck, Schloss Hof, Lower Austria


"Excellent singers...Marelize Gerber (Sivene) displayed a radiant coloratura voice." 

Katarína Burgrová, Hudobný život, November 2014



Messiah - GF Händel, Bielefelder Philharmoniker, Bielefeld, Germany


"Marelize Gerber sets some highlights with her gentle, differentiated and warm soprano voice in the Aria "I know that my Redeemer liveth"...the four soloist were a first-class cast."

Uta Jostwerner, Westfalen-Blatt, 24 October 2014


"...soprano Marelize Gerber bestows the Aria "Rejoice greatly, o daughter of Zion" and the following duet with a gentle, heavenly dignity..." 

Christoph Guddorf, NW Bielefeld, 24 October 2014



St. John's Passion - JS Bach, Grazer Keplerspatzen, Grazer Barockorchester, Graz, Austria


"A very strong cast of soloists...Marelize Gerber sang the soprano arias with a silver vocal line."

Martin Gasser, Kronen Zeitung, 2 April 2014



Challenge Records International CD Reviews - Amital - La Betulia Liberata - WA Mozart


"Marelize Gerber, singing Amital should be highlighted; flexibile and virtuosic she sings with a beautiful, shining voice in perfect pitch and coloratura. She is the best performer on this recording."

Ildikó Lehotka, Gramofon Zenekritikai Mühely, Summer 2014


"Marelize Gerber (Amital), the young Austrian soprano with a bright, radiant voice, excelled with an optimal technique which enabled her to master the very high registers with ease. In Amital’s arias „Non hai cor“ and „Con troppa rea viltà“ Mozart’s genial composition style blossoms. The interpretation by Gerber allows the listener to cherish these magic moments."

Giordano Cavagnino, GB Opera Magazine, April 2014 


"As it turns out, the performance is excellent: the soloists (particularly golden-voiced soprano Marelize Gerber) are superb, and the orchestra plays with fleet-fingered brilliance. A must for all classical collections."

Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist, 3 March 2014


"Marelize Gerber in the role of Amital portrays and expresses the emotional richness of Betulia's anger and misery with her cristal clear coloratura soprano voice."

Iris Hildegard Winkler, Das Orchester, January 2014


"Marelize Gerber has some demanding arias to sing and does so admirably, in particular the aria 'Quel nocchier'. The vocal pyrotechnics in 'Quel nocchier che in gran procella' (Amital) reminded me of the aria of the Queen of the Night from Die Zauberflöte."

Johan van Veen, www.musica-dei-donum.org, 2014


"There’s a Berlin Classics recording (0091752BC) on which Edith Mathis sings Amital’s Aria #11, Quel nocchier che in gran procella (CD2, track 4 on Channel Classics). Here, too, Michi Gaigg’s tempo is slightly faster than Bernhard Klee’s. Marelize Gerber may have a less famous name than that of Edith Mathis, but there’s little to choose between them and again I incline slightly towards the tempo on the new recording."

Brian Wilson, www.musicweb-international.com, November 2013


"... Amital's sweet and tender moments are perfectly interpreted by the brilliant and beautiful voice of soprano Marelize Gerber."

Carme Miró, Revista Sonograma Magazine, November 29 2013


"One should take note of the names of the singers - a more perfect ensemble in sense of style and vocal perfection, would be hard to find - the sopranos Marelize Gerber (Amital), Ulrike Hofbauer (Cabri) and Barbara Kraus (Carmi), the contralto Margot Oitzinger (Giudetta), the tenor Christian Zenker (Ozia) and the baritone Markus Volpert (Achior)."

Hans-Jürgen Thiers, 16 November 2013, TLZ


"Musically the young composer demands a variety of orchestral colors and contrasts as well as a cast with baroque specialists who interpret their roles with bravura. In this case it is soprano Marelize Gerber in the role of Amital who radiates the necessary noblesse, vocally as well as in her interpretation."

Paul Korenhof, www.opusklassik.nl, October 2013


"Marelize Gerber sings the noblewoman of Israel, Amital with a superb, clear voice."

NN, Il momento tenero, 28 August 2013


"Marelize Gerber (soprano) is an expressive Amital, who particularly shines in the arias "Quel nocchier'' and "Con troppa rea viltà".

J. Gahre , Das Opernglas, July/August 2013


"Among the singers Marelize Gerber in the role of Amital is most convincing, as the only singer interpreting her role with utter freedom and resolution."

Michael Blümke, www.rondomagazin.de, 17 August 2013


"Among the singers, especially Marelize Gerber leaves a positive impression, singing the role of Amital with a round and amazingly warm soprano voice combined with differenciated expression and vitality."

Sven Kerkhoff, www.musikansich.de, 15 July 2013



Amital - La Betulia Liberata - WA Mozart, Teatro Cervantes de Málaga, Spain


"The voice of the soprano, Marelize Gerber, was standing out, in her interpretation of Amital, who delivered some immaculate arias 'Non hai cor' in the first part, and 'Con troppa rea viltà' in the second part that fired up the timid applause from the audience."

Alfonso UH de Mendoza, Aforo Libre, 4 November 2013


"As far as the Mozartian style and vocal capacity is concerned, the soprano Marelize Gerber, who interpreted the role of Amital, excelled. Her arias 'Non hai cor' and 'Con troppa rea viltà' can be regarded as the highlights of this performance, being the only times where the audience reacted with spontaneous applause."

José Antonio Cantón, El Mundo, 3 November 2013


"The soloists demonstrated excellent acting skills. In my opinion, two of them excelled – these were Marelize Gerber in the role of Amital, noblewoman of Israel, and Elisabeth Breuer in the roles of Cabri and Carmi. Above all, Marelize Gerber was the only one to receive spontaneous applause from the audience during the course her interpretation."

Álvaro López Franco, Papel de Periodico, 3 November 2013


"Among the singers soprano Marelize Gerber and baritone Markus Volpert excelled."

Alejandro Fernández, La Opinión Málaga, 3 November 2013



Amital - La Betulia Liberata - WA Mozart, donauFESTWOCHEN, Grein, Austria


"Each staged performance depends on the quality of the singing and acting of the singers. Marelize Gerber as Amital, noblewoman of Israel, superbly met both requirements. Her beautiful arias bursting with drama and emotion, were brilliantly sung and acted. During the premiere performance, the skilful coloratura soprano was the only singer who earned applause between the scenes...Amital's aria 'Con troppa rea viltà' in which she pleads for forgiveness for her doubting unbelief was not only beautifully and vividly sung, but also movingly played." 

Franz Szabo, Critical Journal for Early Music, August 2012 


"Marelize Gerber sang Amital with a clear and very agile coloratura soprano voice..."

Hans-Jürgen Becker, Musik & Theater, November 2012


"A young, homogeneous ensemble...meets the requirements of the very difficult musical score with bravura...the virtuoso plaintive Marelize Gerber as noble Amital." 

Walter Weidringer, Die Presse, 6 August 2012


"The remarkably homogeneous ensemble of five excellent soloists (Christian Zenker, Margot Oitzinger, Marelize Gerber, Markus Volpert and Elizabeth Breuer) deserve unrestricted praise. They presented their roles meaningful, leaving no musical wish unfulfilled and distinguished themselves by clear pronunciation, secure coloratura and with beautiful sound." 

Franz Zamazal, OÖ Nachrichten, 6 August 2012


"Marelize Gerber...who sang the role of Amital, phrased beautifully..." 

Kurt Lettner, Volksblatt, 6 August 2012


"The young soloists (Christian Zenker, Margot Oitzinger, Marelize Gerber, Markus Volpert and Elizabeth Breuer) met the demanding vocal numbers without exception very well." 

FD, Krone, 6. August 2012


"Marelize Gerber (managed) as Amital, to fill the arcades until the last row with expansive voice. The five soloist's common desire was to enhance the technically demanding arias and recitatives and the phrasing and intonation seemed well thought over." 

Rainer Elstner, Wiener Zeitung, 7 August 2012


"Christian Zenker, Margot Oitzinger, Marelize Gerber, Markus Volpert und Elisabeth Breuer convinced and impressed the national and international expertise audience with their oustanding voices in the arias." 

www.meinbezirk.at, 10. August 2012


"Marelize Gerber and Christian Zenker thrilled the national and international audience." 

zin, Bezirksrundschau Perg, 9./10. August 2012



BACH XXI - Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland - Cantatas for the 1st and 3rd Advent Sunday, Nr. 36, 62 & 186a - JS Bach - Capella Leopoldina, Graz, Austria

"Bach cantatas as a quality product ... Marelize Gerber (soprano) and Judith Mayer (Alto) was also presented as a harmonious duo. An overall team effort that was very convincing."

KK EMS, Kleine Zeitung, 12. Dezember, 2011

Soprano 1, C-Minor Mass - WA Mozart, cantus firmus surselva & Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden, Chur/Trun, Switzerland

"The solistists Marelize Gerber and Judit Scherrer, who replaced the ill Letizia Scherrer, received overwhelming applause."

NN, www.südostschweiz.ch, 22 November, 2011

OehmsClassics CD Critic - Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, Works by Monteverdi, Schütz,
Praetorius etc - Clemencic Consort

"The sopranos (Krisztina Jónás und Marelize Gerber) have similar voices, slim built, with clear, light highnotes and technically sovereign. Occasionally, the two singers seem to deviate in an individual way that creates even more intense experiences in the different parts."

Dr. Matthias Lange, http://www.klavier.de/magazin/kritik.cfm?RECID=21091&REID=12867, 22 October 2011

Deianira - La Lotta d'Hercole con Acheloo - A Steffani, Heidelberg, Germany

"Wrestling because of a beauty...Marelize Gerber (Soprano)...skillfully and gorgeously sung."

MR, Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, 17. October 2011

Traumstimme - Die Träume - Paul Koutnik / Frau des Kaufmanns - Der Apfel aus Basra - Matthias Kranebitter, World Première, Vienna, Austria

"The graceful soprano voice of Marelize Gerber shines and stands out, be it as "Traumstimme" or as the terminally ill merchant's wife ("Der Apfel aus Basra")." 

 Dominik Troger, www.operinwien.at, 27 August 2011


"In the scenes with the sick woman, her singing mingled sorrow and an ironic distance that leads to a touching acoustical experience." 

 Dominik Troger, www.operinwien.at, 25 August 2011

SONY MUSIC - CD Review - Cephisa/Priesterin - Orpheus or Die wunderbare Beständigkeit der Liebe - GP Telemann

"In the smaller roles of the nymph Cephisa and the priestess Marelize Gerber sings the roles with an exceptionally beautiful soprano voice. Julie Comparini sings the roles of Ascalax and second  nymph. The two-part choral passages with these two singers flourish with exceptional beauty  and leaves the listener speechless infront of Telemann's score."

Benjamin Künzel, www.klassik.com, 11 August 2011

Female Leading Role - Fairy Queen - H Purcell, Poznan, Poland

"The lament over the dying love of a fragile and silvery-voiced Marelize Gerber is the most beautiful scene of the show. The Austrian singer got to perform arias that perfectly matched her pure soprano."

Bartosz Kamiński, Ruch Muzyczny, 16 August 2011


"Marelize Gerber (Helena) sang her arias with poignancy and interpreted the different scenes with differentiated expression."

Magdalena Kostus, Teatralia Poznan, 17 May 2011

"The Aria 'The Plaint' (5th Act) was sung with touching beauty by Marelize Gerber."

Andrzej Chylewski, Głos Wielkopolski Poznan, 8 May 2011

St. John's Passion - JS Bach - Capella Leopoldina, Graz, Austria


"Lydia Vierlinger (Alto) and Marelize Gerber (Soprano) left no wishes unfullfilled with their musical volatility."

Walther Neumann, Kleine Zeitung, 11 April 2011

Bach Concert Karlsruher Baroque Orchestra, Christmas Oratorio BWV 248, Cantata - Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen BWV 51 - JS Bach, Lampertheim, Germany


"With outstanding soloists like Marelize Gerber (Soprano), Dieter Wagner (Tenor), Markus Lemke (Bass) who are internationally engaged and - known...Accompanied by a solo trumpet and strings Marelize Gerber, the internationally acclaimed Viennese Soprano, sang the cantata "Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen" by Johann Sebastian Bach with a moving emotional deepness that concludes in the "Alleluja" with joyful high notes that results in heartfelt bliss."

Hannelore Nowacki, TIP-Verlag, 14 December 2010


"The Dekanatskantorei together with soloists (Gerber, Nauwartat, Wagner, Lemke) and the Karlsruher Baroque Orchestra offered a two-hour listening pleasure with Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio I-III and the cantata "Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen". The soprano cantata "Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen" is a well-known work by Bach and was the opening piece of the evening. It requires virtuosity from both the soprano and solo trumpetplayer. The Aria, Recitative, Aria, Choral and the final Alleluja, was sung by the the versatile, well-known coloratura soprano Marelize Gerber. Her singing was sparkling/pearling and almost effortless."

Gabriele Gillbers, Lampertheimer Zeitung, 14 December 2010


"The cantata "Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen" for Soprano, Trumpet and Strings...Here the soprano Marelize Gerber shone with long coloraturas. Her vocal strengths are particularly displayed in the virtuoso arias at the beginning and the Alleluja at the end of the cantata."

Thomas Braun, morgenweb, 14 December 2010



Concerts and Festival Revueltas 2010, Vienna Strauss Orchestra, Cancún, Durango, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico


"...two stunning voices - soprano Marelize Gerber and baritone Michael Havlicek."

Norma Azar, El Periodico , 19 October 2010

"The young singers (Gerber and Havlicek) were noted for their outpouring of grace and expressiveness ... Marelize gave us a delightful interpretation of Adele's aria from 'Die Fledermaus' by Strauss, using a fan with ease going down stairs in the theatre to sing for the audience."

Patricia Garma, Diario de Yucatàn, 16 October 2010


"But there was still something to see: the soprano Marelize Gerber and ... Michael Havlicek put the touch to the concert with their voices drawing magical stories."

Fabiola Gurrola, El Siglo de Durango, 11 October 2010


"Edvin Marton, the Vienna Strauss Orchestra, the soprano Marelize Gerber and baritone Michael Havlicek seduced the audience of Durango at the Festival Revueltas...Marelize Gerber showed virtuosity..."

Olga L. Ramírez, Periódico Victoria, 11 October, 2010

"Soprano Marelize Gerber and ... Michael Havlicek, captivated the audience with their voices that filled the auditorium."

Dilhery Enríquez, La Voz Durango, 11 October, 2010

"...soprano (Marelize Gerber) gave a sample of incomparable voice."

Miguel Ángel Ocaña Reyes, Vallarta Opina, 29 September 2010

Cephisa/Priesterin - Orpheus or Die wunderbare Beständigkeit der Liebe - GP Telemann, donauFESTWOCHEN, Grein, Austria


"...coloratura soprano, Marelize Gerber shines as the freedom-loving and love-refusing Nymph Cephisa as well as the murderous Bacchus-priestess."

hast, Der Standard, 10 August 2010


"Marelize Gerber as Cephisa and Priestess and Julie Comparini as Pluto's helper were singing and acting-wise exceptionally good...some recollections of especially touching scenes: Cephisa gives way indignantly before the kisses of the Eurimedes, tears theatrically the paper heart which he presses languishingly in her bosom and, in the end, he lies on his back while she stamps angrily between his legs. Gerber and Zenker received enthusiastic applause for this scene!"
Franz Szabo,  http://franzszabo.fastmail.fm/musik/musik176.html, August 2010


"Above all the sopranos were leading in vocal virtuosity...also Marelize Gerber in the Buffo-scene as the freedom-loving, catty nymph Cephisa..."

Horst Reischenböck, DrehPunktKultur, 9 August 2010


"... Roles are excellently casted with Barbara Kraus (Ismene), Christian Zenker (Eurimedes), Marelize Gerber (nymph, priestess) and Julie Comparini (Ascalax). All these theatrical elements in well-balanced teamwork submitted to a Première night with enthusiatic applause."
Franz Zamazal, Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 9 August 2010


"... the competent singer's ensemble contributed to a brilliant achievement in the matter of old music:... Markus Volpert in the title role, Ulrike Hofbauer as Eurydice, Barbara Kraus as Ismene, Christian Zenker as Eurimedes, Marelize Gerber as Nymph and Priestess, Julie Comparini as Ascalax and Pluto with Reinhard Mayr as luxury cast."

Georgina Szeless, Neues Volksblatt, 9 August 2010


Female Leading Role - Fairy Queen - H Purcell, Stettin, Poland

"Magic dust in the opera...The colourful lights that create the atmosphere, the singers, especially Marelize Gerber (coloratura soprano) who shines with glamourous singing as Helena makes it worthwhile to hear and see."

Anna Łukaszuk, Gazeta Szczecin, 4 May 2010

Concertino Amarilli - CD - Amor hai vinto, Gramola 98856 (Codaex) 

"The cantatas display devotion and charm. Love in its excrecences from bliss and joy to sorrow and despair finds lively expression.Marelize Gerber's sparkling singing is filled with joy and melancholy as demanded by the theme of love."

c.borries, http://www.amazon.de/review/, 18 January 2010 

"Liebesleid und Liebesfreud...The Greek nymph Chloris is the central figure of this dramatically compiled recording “Amor hai vinto” by Concertino Amarilli…characterized by a homogenous style, meticulous precision, precise differentiation and a stirring spontaneity unified as a refreshing synthesis…  Marelize Gerber interprets the four cantatas on the volatile character and the sorrow and joy of love of the Latin mutated Greek nymph Flora with a crystal clear, instrumentally sung soprano voice."

naredirainer, Kleine Zeitung, 18 January 2010

"When the god of love triumphs – Marelize Gerber sings italian baroque cantatas...Marelize Gerber interprets the cantatas with beauty, gracefulness and vocal agility..."

Birgit Pauls, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 16 January 2010

Concert Klementinum, Prague, Czech Republic

"...stunning performances by...two sopranos, Ms Sandra Nel and MS Marelize Gerber and an accomplished pianist Ms Ilse Schumann."

eptember 2009,www.saprague.cz

Eva von Lobkowitz / Esther's Voice - Das verzehrte Lichlein - Paul Koutnik, World Première Vienna, Austria

"...the impressive closing song was sung very beautifully by Marelize Gerber (Esther's Voice and Eva von Lobkowitz, dressed as a gardener) who jumped in on short notice..."

hr, mica (music information center austria), June 30 2009


Hilliard Ensemble, Il Giardino Armonico, La Fenice, Harmony of Nations Baroque Orchestra, Christine Schornsheim, Unicorn, Concertino Amarilli - CD - Elemente, Trigonale Festival for Early Music


"...presented a cantata by Francesco Mancini (soprano Marelize Gerber singing with impassioned intensity)..."

www.diverdi.com, June 2009

Internationale Bachtage 2009, Magnificat BWV 243 and Cantata - Wir danken dir, Gott BWV 29 JS Bach, Germany

"The five [soloists]…were shining with beautiful, oratorio-trained voices. If one has to give a prize for the best performance…surely Marelize Gerber would be entitled to it, for her wonderfully pure, warm and well projected voice."

Johannes Mundry, Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine, April 17 2009

"Excellent impressions were left behind...above all by the equally elegant as well as profoundly heartfelt and sincere performance...of soprano Marelize Gerber..."

Klaus Roß, www.morgenweb.de, April 16 2009

Title Role - Zéphyre J-P Rameau, Vienna, Austria
"...Marelize Gerber in the title role shines from beginning till end and not only because of her golden costume...a beautiful amusement and excellently sung..."


"...Marelize Gerber as coloratura confident Zéphyre stands out."

Helmut Christian Mayer, Orpheus Nov/Dec 2008

"...the luminous power of the soprano voices of Diana Higbee and Marelize Gerber was delightful..."

Gerhard Kramer, Austrian Music Journal / Österreichische Musikzeitschrift, November 2008

"Marelize Gerber delighted as a passionate god of the wind..."

Ira Werbowsky, Der Neue Merker Printedition, November 2008

"Gerber is theatrical-wise, as sexy, love-seeking god of the wind in a golden corsage-armour that secretly lusts for Clori, as well as singing-wise the sensation of the evening...Zéphyre loves and desires (sweet and sexy as a man: Marelize Gerber) Cloris (Liudmila Shilova) passionately, about which they sing in the final duet with breathtaking intimacy."

Elfi Oberhuber, intimacy: art-critic, October 22, 2008

"Among the stylistically confident singers Marelize Gerber stands out."

Andreas Dallinger, Der Falter, 9 October 2008

"...Marelize Gerber enchants in the Rameau world stage première...Diana Higbee's (Zélide) sonorous soprano and Marelize Gerber's (Zéphyre) coloratura skills need special mentioning."

Konstantin Hirschmann, Österreich, October 4, 2008

"Marelize Gerber sang the lead role with confidence and grace."

Juri Giannini, Giornale della musica, October 3, 2008

"...the god of the wind (brilliant: Marelize Gerber) - messenger of the gods in gold."

Barbara Petsch, Die Presse, October 2, 2008

"…Marelize Gerber dressed in a male costume, masters the stratospheric high notes of Zéphyre."

Renate Wagner, Der Neue Merker, October 2, 2008

"Marelize Gerber as Zéphyre woos with naturalistic singing the woodnymph Cloris."

Beate Henneberg, Der Standard, October 1, 2008

"Gerber’s crystalline soprano soared through Zéphyre’s stratospheric, windblown coloratura."

Larry L. Lash, www.musicalamerica.com, September 29, 2008

Christmas Concert, Vienna, Austria

"Apart from Unterreiner the south african-born Marelize Gerber (since lately an austrian citizen) – and the Hungarian-born Tünde Szaboki could convince."

lb, Mitteilungsblatt des Richard Wagner-Verbandes Vienna, January/February 2009

Bach Concert  L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra, Christmas Oratorio BWV 248, Cantata - Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen BWV 51 and Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben BWV 147 JS Bach, Málaga, Spain

"...the soprano Marelize Gerber, who jumped in at the last minute for Alexandra Zamojska sang with gentleness..."

Manuel del Campo, Crítica de Música, 18 December 2008

Clori - Clori, Tirsi, e Fileno GF Handel, Damtschach Castle, Carinthia, Austria

"How one can swing high, being coquettish while lifting opulent dresses and in addition singing featherlight coloratura perfectly: This, Clori (Marelize Gerber) is demonstrating at the Damtschach Castle near Wernberg…Finest singing from Marelize Gerber's (Clori) agile soprano voice, Gernot Heinrich's (Tirsi) gentle-rich tenor voice and Clint van der Linde's (Fileno) evenly-beautiful countertenor voice…"

Frieda Stank, Kronen Zeitung, July 20, 2008

"The performance of the difficult arias was superb - (Marelize Gerber - Soprano, Gernot Heinrich - Tenor, Clint van der Linde - Countertenor)."

Verena Schellander, Kärntner Tageszeitung, July 20, 2008


Internationale Bachtage 2008, Cantata - Ich geh und suche mit Verlangen BWV 49 - JS Bach, Germany

"The south african soprano Marelize Gerber and the baritone Johannes Wollrab, from Dresden who was taugt by Andreas Schmidt demonstrated in the elegant solo arias as well as in both the marvelous duets superb singing caliber."

www.morgenweb.de, March 27, 2008

"Jesus suchte die Seele, expressively sung by south african-born soprano Marelize Gerber. The audience was deeply moved and cheered with abundant applause."

rvt, Hersfelder Zeitung, March 27, 2008

"The voices of Marelize Gerber (soprano) and Johannes Wollrab (bass) blend in devoted harmony with the thick, pulsating orchestra sound."

Silvia Adler, www.echo-online.de, March 26, 2008

Lucia - I due timidi - N Rota, Vienna, Austria

"Last but not least the superb slandering girls: Marelize Gerber, Kylie Anne Pointer en Julia Lassnig."

HV, Opera Gazet, 8. August 2007

Soprano Cantatas, Trigonale Festival for Early Music, Austria

"Marelize Gerber's clear, versatile soprano with an extremely secure top range stood out unobtrusively from the ensemble sound...an inspired performance."

Bernd Baier, Kärntner Tageszeitung, July 6, 2007

Nerone - Agripinna - GF Händel, Vienna, Austria

"... the South African soprano Marelize Gerber who sings the small, malicious Nero masters for instance her difficult last aria like a virtuoso."

Renate Wagner, Der Neue Merker, February 2007

"This time the soprano with the best quality belongs to Marelize Gerber … in the role of Nerone."

Gerhard Kramer, Die Presse, February 5, 2007 

"... Nerone who is interpreted as a punker in singer boy suit (soprano Marelize Gerber who lets us guess later on in the mother detachment scene that she would be suitable for very great character roles with her moving song expression) ..."

Dr Wild, blogarchive,  February 5, 2007

"...a fine vocal and stage performance by soprano singers Huhs and Gerber."

Juri Giannini, Giornale della musica, February 5, 2007

"... pyromanic son Nero who is drawn to his mother incestuously-murderously - Marelize Gerber playing as well as  singing on a high level."

Andreas Bischof, Wiener Zeitung, February 3, 2007

"Marelize Gerber’s outfit has similarities with the Teenager Pop-Group "Tokio Hotel", but vocally she is very mature."

Christian T Schwei, APA, February 2007

"Marelize Gerber as creepy, pyromanic inclined Nero... My favourites: Marelize Gerber, who gives Nerone a cunning character, a schoolboy playing with firelighters in a sailor suit like in a Underground-Comic, as well as Armin Gramer, who shapes Ottone with his beautiful alto voice."

Dominik Troger, www.operinwien.at

"Marelize Gerber as Nero didn’t need sweet bribery tricks to ensure the audience’s favour."

Franco Schedl, www.events.at

Baroque Concert, Venice, Italy

"Public acclaim and success for harpsichordist Ulli Nagy, baroque cellist Marie Orsini-Rosenberg and for soprano Marelize Gerber and countertenor Terry Wey."

N.N., San Salvador, October 30, 2006

Title Role - Dafne - A Caldara, Baroque Opera Festival, Damtschach Castle, Austria

"…Marelize does a vocally and optically ideal impression of Dafne. She directs her soprano voice perfectly to all high notes, inserts own ornamentation and plays the nymph with childlike-natural charm. At the technically difficult end of the part, she demonstrates the whole range of expressive richness of her emotive voice. Once again a discovery of the by now 88-year-old Ruthilde Boesch to whose song instruction we owe the voices of Edita Gruberova amongst others."

Ilse Schneider, Österreichische Musikzeitschrift/Austrian Music Journal/Kleine Zeitung, July 21, 2006

Carmina Burana - C Orff, Mexico

"...on the other hand, cours d'amours shows the erotic and lyrical aspect of Goliard poetry and helped to bring soprano Marelize Gerber's magnificent voice to perfect expression."

José Juan Zapata Pacheco, La Opinión, March 18, 2005 

"perfectly interpreted by the Friedrich Lessky choir, tenor Zsolt Dercskei, baritone Georg Karl and soprano Marelize Gerber."

Jeanne Chaussee, Ribera Arts Review, 1 April 2005

Carmina Burana - C Orff, Toscana Congress, Gmunden, Austria

"...the young soprano impressed with 'Dulcissime' ..."

N.N., Gmundner Zeitung, April 2005

Barsine - Nebucadnezar - R Keiser, Karlsruhe, Germany

"Marelize Gerber could convince as Barsine with her throat skill in the aria 'So folget nach Stürmen'."

n.l., Die Rheinpfalz,  March 8, 2004

Amor - Die Liebe des Apollon und der Daphne  - F Cavalli, Vienna, Austria

"All four leads proved worthwhile, experts in Baroque technique... Marelize Gerber tripped lightly over her ethereal, high-lying ornamentation."

Larry L Lash, Opera News, June 2003

"…Marelize Gerber a vivacious, pugnacious and even trigger-happy Cupid with a freshly youthful soprano."

K. Kutzschbach, Das Opernglas, April 2003

"Apart from...Alexander Plust as Apollo only a few of the young singers survived: Johanna Wölfl (Daphne) with her coloratura soprano voice, Julia Lassnig (Prokris) with her expressive mezzosoprano voice, Boris Grappe (Jupiter) with his slender baritone voice and the bubbly Marelize Gerber as Amor."

Gerhard Kramer, Die Presse, February 22, 2003

"As always the circle of artist consisted of international debutants: The south african-born Marelize Gerber as mischievous Amor didn’t have to shoot arrows in his own account to win sympathy..."


Concerttour, Chicago, USA

"The performance of the soprano Marelize Gerber was an absolute treat for the public of Chicago. Clearly and exactly the notes of the songs poured from her throat, effortlessly and precisely ... In the highly enjoyable Frühlingsstimmenwalzer her ability and talent were shown to absolute advantage. The appreciative public applauded her excellent performance over and over again."

Annerose Görge, May 1, 1999